Your Septic Tank & You: Tips For Home Waste

You and your sewer system have a don’t ask don’t tell agreement, until one day that waste finds its way outside of that tank. For many homeowners that rely on a septic tank for their sewage, you don’t often think about how that system works to dispose of your waste. So waking up to a



Don’t Let Heating Maintenance Costs Leave You Bankrupt

If you feel that a heating maintenance agreement is not worth the cost, you are partly right. Some maintenance plans are expensive. However, don’t let that stop you completely. Many reputable HVAC companies offer quality routine heating maintenance for budget-minded people like you. Don’t opt out of the most effective way to prolong the life



Solving The Mystery of a Broken Heating System

Is your heating system ready for winter? Do you trust it to start up when you go turn it on? If your heating system doesn’t start, don’t panic. There are things you can do on your own to get it started again. You can troubleshoot it yourself and save a lot of money on that



Before Starting Any Plumbing Remodel, Protect Yourself with a Permit

When your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel plans involve your plumbing, it is essential that you get the proper permits covering you throughout the entire process. While this extra step may be viewed as a hassle at the outset of your reno, seeking out and receiving the right permits is integral to keeping your costs



Getting Your Granite Counters Fitted with a Sink

Are you tackling a kitchen remodel? Did you know that investing renovation dollars into your kitchen is actually a significant return on investment because this is coveted room for prospective buyers? Granite countertops are stylish and sleek, but when you start installing a sink, you need to be careful and follow a process. Damaged granite