Fort Collins Heater Repair

Fast and reliable heater repair in Fort Collins.

Is your heater making funny noises? Do you notice cold spots in the home or inconsistent airflow from the registers? A broken heating system is most inconvenient, especially when it happens as the temperature starts to drop.

Fort Collins homeowners always trust the experts at Calvary Plumbing and Heating for all their central heating services. We offer comprehensive heating maintenance and heater repair that will keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.

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Common Heater Issues

When it comes to working with a heating repair contractor, there are several problems that we look for before making our full diagnosis. These issues are most common with traditional heaters and they are also typically hassle-free to repair. Some of the most common issues we fix as a heater repair company include:

  • Dirty Air Filters: If the air filter is dirty, the heater won’t be getting sufficient airflow. This will cause the unit to lose efficiency, strain to work properly, and, potentially overheat.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat controls the temperature. If this component fails, you will lose heating and cooling control.
  • Mechanical Components: Blown motors, fans, and other mechanical malfunctions will also cause the unit to experience airflow and overheating problems.

As soon as you notice anything wrong with the heater, call a professional right away to make sure the issue is quickly resolved and you do not experience extensive damage to the unit.

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Always Invest in Regular Heater Maintenance

Any respectable heater repair company will tell you that the true key to maintaining a safe and efficient heater is by investing in regular heater maintenance. Maintenance and heater inspections are recommended for all heating units on an annual basis to make sure the system is working efficiently and not going to break down unexpectedly.

Thorough maintenance will prevent unexpected Fort Collins heating repair issues and will keep your energy bills low. Services such as replacing the air filter and inspecting the mechanical components will also help maintain a comfortable indoor air quality and keep the heater working better for longer. Call us today to schedule your next heater maintenance appointment.

When your heater is starting to lose efficiency and experience unexpected issues, trust our team of heating experts for reliable heater repairs. For service in Fort Collins, CO, call 970-230-3529 today.