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Before Starting Any Plumbing Remodel, Protect Yourself with a Permit


When your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel plans involve your plumbing, it is essential that you get the proper permits covering you throughout the entire process. While this extra step may be viewed as a hassle at the outset of your reno, seeking out and receiving the right permits is integral to keeping your costs in line.

They will provide you with much-needed peace of mind, and protect your Fort Collins home investment. Here is why you need to protect yourself with a permit.

The Safety Factor

“safetystandards”Perhaps the most compelling reason for why you need to protect yourself with a permit is the safety factor. When work is done according to permit requirements, it will need to follow specific standards and conditions.

During these inspections, the inspector will determine if the work that is done meets code and may require changes so that it is completed properly. Simply put, in order for work to be considered safe and reliable, it needs to be done to the required code.

If you aren’t getting impartial inspections done, as you would with a permit, you don’t know for sure if the renovations have been conducted safely. Sub-par work could mean fire hazard or water damage from leaking plumbing, both of which can threaten your home and even your family.

The Cost Factor

“penaltyfine”There is an argument that, when you are trying to stay on budget with your kitchen or bathroom remodel, getting a permit is a step that involves an extra cost, and who needs it?

You do! Consider getting permits a small cost now to save you from significant expenses later on. You could face fines, and you could be liable for damage caused by subpar work if you sell your home.

You could also be required to pull all the work out and start over again from scratch. All of these consequences represent big money.

Licensed Professionals Use Permits

“noprofessional”It is in your best interest to use a licensed professional to do your work. That means that they are accountable and certified to the highest industry standard. Contracting their services protects your home investment and gives you peace of mind.

A reliable and professional technician will absolutely require the use of permits to ensure these high standards. Not all work requires permits, but how do you know for sure? You can consult with your municipality to get more information. But generally, a permit is warranted if your job involves changing the structure of your home.

This may include an addition or removal of walls, altering sewer lines, electrical, gas, plumbing or HVAC work, then you’ll need one. If you are doing something cosmetic, like change a small fixture, you usually don’t need a permit. To be sure, ask an experienced plumber before you start.