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Superhero Plumbers Bring Clean Water For All

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How important is your family’s health? Top of the list right? While you may be aware that having access to clean water is one of life’s necessities, did you know that your plumbing plays a big part in your water quality, and ultimately your health?

In this sense, your Fort Collins plumber is a superhero, because his job is so important. Here is what you need to know about water contamination and your plumbing.

Water Conservation Facts

Water ConservationYour plumber helps protect your family, but he also helps to protect the earth with an eye towards water conservation.

A dripping faucet or another small leak may not seem like a lot, and it may seem like a hassle to get it fixed, but you’d be surprised at how much water these “tiny” leaks waste. According to the EPA, 10% of homes in the U.S. have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water a day. Not only are you ramping up your water bills unnecessarily, but you are also wasting a very precious resource: water.

Help your plumber be a conservation superhero by getting leaks fixed upon discovery. You can also reduce your water use at home by adopting a few habits. Don’t wash your car at home (take it to a commercial car wash instead) and don’t water your lawn unless you have to. When you do water it, do it early in the morning or late in the evening when it is less likely to evaporate.

Health Problems You Might Experience From Contaminated Water

Stomach Ache PainIf you ingest toxins, bacteria or viruses in your drinking water, you can experience mild to severe flu-like symptoms. You are also at risk of developing reproductive and neurological problems.

Some serious illnesses that are linked to contaminated water include E Coli, salmonella, lead poisoning, arsenic poisoning, and Hepatitis A.

How Your Plumber Can Protect Your Family

Water filtration systems are easily installed, low maintenance and can give your family peace of mind that your water will be purified right before it hits your drinking glass.

If you have older pipes in your home, chances are they contain lead, which can leach into your drinking water. Avoid this by getting your pipes upgrading to PVC, which is durable. Older pipes of any material will corrode, and those chemicals get in your water.

Another threat is if pipes are compromised and crack under too much pressure. This can cause the water to flow backward, causing wastewater and clean water to mix, which can be dangerous to your health.