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Don’t Let Heating Maintenance Costs Leave You Bankrupt


If you feel that a heating maintenance agreement is not worth the cost, you are partly right. Some maintenance plans are expensive. However, don’t let that stop you completely. Many reputable HVAC companies offer quality routine heating maintenance for budget-minded people like you.

Don’t opt out of the most effective way to prolong the life of your HVAC system and prevent unexpected heating repairs. Depending on the service and features offered, maintenance agreement prices can vary. But don’t give up. There are many other plans out there that are budget-friendly and just as effective.

A Heating Maintenance Agreement is Your Friend

“heatingmaintenance”To ensure quality performance from your heating system, regular seasonal maintenance is a must. Heating maintenance can reduce your energy bill and prolong the life of your system.

Maintenance agreements between you and a quality HVAC provider promise ongoing heating services for a set yearly price. If your heating unit is old, annual maintenance is recommended.

However, you may feel that maintenance is not necessary, especially if your heating system is still moderately new. Be aware that if your system does break down, the cost to repair it might be higher than the maintenance cost itself.

What a Heating Maintenance Agreement Should Cost

“heatingcosts”Some homeowners opt out of receiving heating maintenance because of the cost. You may feel like you’re saving money, but before long your system is going to need repairs. The cost of a heating service call and the repairs can be even more expensive, so in the end, you’ll end up paying a lot more.

Depending on the type of work and features involved, a heating maintenance agreement will cost somewhere between $150 to $500. This consists of an HVAC technician lubricating all moving parts, including the motor, cleaning burners, checking for leaks, signs of corrosion, replacing the filter and more.

The age and condition of your unit will determine the type of maintenance plan that is right for your unit. Some will include priority emergency service 24/7 and a reduced price in future heating services. However, you should know that if your system has no issues throughout the year, you are still required to pay for maintenance fee.

Talk to your HVAC contractor before signing the dotted line. Ask if parts replaced are included in the price of the agreement. Find out if an inspection of your air conditioning system is also included with the plan. Ensure that everything on the maintenance contract is in writing.

Call a Trusted HVAC Provider For Heating Services, Installations & Repairs

“callusheating”If your heating professional finds any issues with your system, consider repairing it as soon as possible. If they find that your unit cannot be repaired, purchase a new one.

You will see that today’s heating systems offer excellent energy efficiency and features you won’t find in the older models. You will wonder why you didn’t purchase a new system sooner.

For the highest quality heating maintenance that money can buy, reach out to Calvary Plumbing and Heating in Fort Collins. They offer excellent heater maintenance agreements and services, such as installation and repairs that you can trust. Call them today for trustworthy, affordable heating services.