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Reliable Fort Collins septic tank plumbing.

Rural homeowners who are not connected to the city sewer system store their sewage waste in a septic tank. With the use of a septic tank comes increased responsibility, as the tank must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

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How Often Should You Clean the Septic Tank?

Your septic tank is a storage receptacle that stores all your wastewater and sewage. If you can imagine, depending on the size and amount of use, it could fill up quite fast or slow. There is no black and white answer when it comes to often the tank should be emptied and cleaned. It changes as per the homeowner. The one thing to remember is that you must always be aware of the volume of your tank and take a guess at how full the tank may be at any given time.

For many homeowners, septic tank emptying happens on an annual basis. However, some homeowners have large tanks that can be emptied every three or five years. As long as you are keeping track of the volume, you won’t experience any problems with the unit and can keep the system clean.

Common Septic Tank Services

In addition to regular septic tank pumping, Fort Collins homeowners must also learn to recognize the signs of a potential septic tank failure. There are a few issues you should always look out for including:

Tree Roots: We recommend homeowners always plant trees far away from the septic tank. A root system is powerful enough to burst through the top of your septic tank, causing severe damage.

Incorrect Installation: It’s important to always work with a septic tank plumber, otherwise you risk incorrect installations or repairs that cause further problems with the unit down the road.

Neglect: If you have lost track of how long it’s been since your last cleaning, your system is definitely in neglect and could have many problems impacting the way it operates.

Clogs: The septic tank is not meant to accept non-water soluble items or grease. If you are using the tank incorrectly, the unit will become clogged, which requires immediate repair.

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