Radiant Heating in Fort Collins

Modern Fort Collins radiant heating services.

Looking for a new way to heat your home without the use of forced air? Radiant heating is an amazing option for many Fort Collins homeowners looking for a way to improve the efficiency of their homes without any of the issues caused by forced air.

At Calvary Plumbing and Heating, we offer expert radiant heat repair and advice designed to save you money throughout the lifetime of your heating system. From allergies to environmentalism, there are numerous reasons why homeowners are choosing to switch to a radiant heating unit.

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radiant heating services

How Does a Radiant Heating System Work?

Radiant heating systems are incredibly efficient systems with many positive features and benefits. They use infrared radiation to distribute heat throughout your floors, walls or ceilings, keeping your home warm and comfortable without the need for forced air.

Most radiant systems are controlled using hot water or electricity to regular the temperature as it is applied directly to your the surfaces in your rooms.

In a hot water system, multiple loops of special plastic tubing are installed in the walls, ceiling, or floor. A pump directs the hot water through the tubing, providing heat to your home.

An electrical system relies on cables built into the floor. This is often a good choice for homeowners who are planning an addition because it is often easier to install than a hot water radiant heating unit.

Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Did you know that up to 30% of your heater power gets lost within the ductwork of a forced air system? If that isn’t reason enough to eliminate your forced air heating system and switch to radiant heating, here are several more benefits and advantages to these units:

Savings: Since radiant heating is extremely efficient and does not heavily rely on electricity to operate, you will notice significant savings on your energy bills.

Reduced Allergies: A radiant unit does not rely on forced air, which will greatly reduce the number of allergens found in your indoor air. With better indoor air quality, you will experience reduced allergy symptoms.

Zoning: It’s easy to create heating zones with a radiant system, which means you can concentrate heating power on the rooms that really need it.

Comfort: A radiant heating system is remarkably quiet. Most homeowners say they can’t even hear the system at all. It’s quieter than a forced air system and baseboard heating. It’s also quite nice to step out of bed in the morning and touch your feet to a toasty floor first thing.

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