Heater Installation in Fort Collins

Effective heater installation services for Fort Collins residents.

Needing a new heater is news that no homeowner wants to hear, especially if it’s unexpected or at an inconvenient time, like the start of winter, for example. At Calvary Plumbing and Heating, we provide a little relief when it comes to heater replacement service. Our advice is honest and truly beneficial and our prices are always affordable.

Fort Collins homeowners can always trust us to come up with a great solution that will meet your unique needs and budget. From switching to a more energy-efficient heating system to replacing an old and worn out heater, we have you covered.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Old Heater?

Installing a new heater is an expense that many homeowners would rather avoid if possible. However, in many cases, replacement is not just the best option, but it’s also the only option. It’s important to know how to read the signs and symptoms of a failing heater so you can invest in a new replacement at exactly the right time. Some major signs that a new heater is in your future include:

  • Rising energy costs and bills from an inefficient unit
  • Frequent breakdowns and problems that require professional repairs
  • Service parts for the unit are no longer available because the system is now obsolete

We recommend replacing all heaters that are between 15-20 years old. After this time, all the common signs start to present in the unit and you will notice spending more money on repairs and bills.

Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Unit

Reputable heating installation companies always recommend high-quality heating components and full units for your replacement services. In today’s language, this means recommending energy-efficient systems.

Energy-efficient means the unit uses less energy produce the same, or more, power than a traditional system. As a result, energy-efficient units use less fuel to operate, and you will notice significant savings on your energy bill.

Additionally, energy-efficient heating units require less maintenance and repairs, which will further reduce operating costs and help keep more money in your pocket. As a trusted heating service company, we only work with the most effective energy-efficient appliances to save you the most money possible.

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