Geothermal Heating in Fort Collins

Energy-efficient geothermal heating systems in Fort Collins.

Homeowners today are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency and save money on heating costs. For many homeowners in Fort Collins, geothermal heating is the answer. These units are gaining popularity and causing many homeowners in the area to switch from traditional heating systems.

At Calvary Plumbing and Heating, we specialize in the repair and installation of geothermal heaters. Whether you’re interested in making the switch today or you are looking for heating options for a new home, geothermal is a great choice for many reasons.

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How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

A geothermal heat pump is a great tool to heat your home efficiently and safely. The units use refrigerant to grab heat and transfer it into your home. Did you know that below a certain point underground, the temperature is always 50 degrees Fahrenheit? Regardless of the weather outside, this underground temperature remains the same.

A geothermal unit uses long loops of tubing buried deep underground in order to capture this heat and transfer it into your home. Unlike a traditional heater, which must work very hard to warm freezing cold air, a geothermal system uses heat that is already there, and simply transfers it to another location.

What are the Benefits of a Geothermal Heating Installation?

Are you on the fence about investing in geothermal heater installation service? Check out the following unique benefits and features of a geothermal unit before making your final decision:

Efficiency: Geothermal heating is over three times more efficient than a traditional heater. Traditional units get efficiency ratings of about 94% while a geothermal unit gets about 400%.

Savings: With increased efficiency comes reduced energy bills. Geothermal systems don’t use a fuel source to heat the air, saving you money in the long run.

Peace and Quiet: Geothermal units are quieter than traditional heaters. Most homeowners compare the sound of a geothermal heater to the gentle hum of a refrigerator.

Although there are many benefits to geothermal heating, you must also take into consideration the cost to install the unit. Since extensive digging is required, homeowners must make sure they have enough space on their property for a unit and also be prepared for an extensive construction project to install it. However, these considerations are relatively minor when you consider the savings offered in the long run.

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If you're interested in improving efficiency and saving money, consider a new geothermal heating system installation. For more information on how these units work and the extensive benefits for Fort Collins, CO homeowners, call 970-308-0276 today.