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Trusted backflow testing and certification in Fort Collins.

Although it doesn’t happen all the time, backflow presents a definite danger for homeowners in Fort Collins. Backflow is the reversal of the flow of water in your main plumbing line. It’s dangerous because contaminated water can make its way into your home, which could make your family very sick.

The best way to prevent backflow from wreaking havoc on your home is by working with backflow testing companies like Calvary Plumbing and Heating. Our backflow testing devices are reliable, protecting your family from dangerous backflow.

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backflow testing and certification

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is caused by a reversal in the flow of water in your main plumbing line. There are several things that can cause it. But the most common issues occur because of back pressure, which is when the downstream pressure rises above the supply pressure.

This can happen during a power outage or in other instances when the water pressure in your home goes below a certain level. It’s also extremely dangerous because as the water flows back into your home, it will most likely contain chemicals and contaminants that are not noticeable to the naked eye.

How do Backflow Prevention Services Work?

A backflow device is the best way to prevent contamination from dangerous backflow situations in your home. Most backflow devices work with a simple flap system. The flap on the device remains open as long as the water is flowing in the correct direction. As soon as the direction of the water changes, the flap flips over and seals the water line, preventing contaminated water from entering your plumbing system.

If you suspect a backflow emergency in your home, call a backflow expert like Calvary Plumbing and Heating for fast and effective backflow testing services. Our plumber will open your backflow device and inspect it to make sure the device did its job properly. From there, we will take the unit apart and reset it so it’s prepared to work again the next time you need it.

We will then test your water to make sure no contamination has occurred, however, if contamination has occurred, we will take measures to clean your plumbing system. Our methods include flushing the system over and over and re-testing it until it’s completely clean.

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Prevent dangerous backflow in your home with a reliable backflow testing device and certification services from a trusted backflow professional. Call 970-308-0276 for backflow services in Fort Collins, CO today.